Death to Drag and Drop

Pagedeck is the headless landing page builder made for eCommerce.

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An easier way to build great landers

Most page builders still require design skills to get great results. We think it should be simpler:


Get started quickly

Start with a template vetted by CRO experts. Easily spin up a listicle, advertorial, or shoppable product page.

Swap out any of our predesigned sections

As easy as your Shopify theme, with unlimited options. Choose from DTC necessities like reviews, buy boxes, and bundle builders.

Hit save - and get a blazing fast headless page

Get the performance benefits and flexibility of headless without hiring a developer.

Really, another one?

Yes. Because Everyone Hates Page Builders.

They all have the same problems:

Slow, clunky pages

Other page builders add slow, bloated code on top of your Shopify theme.

Frustrating to update

You just want to edit that text box, and BOOM - now it's the wrong size.

Steep Learning Curve

Busy marketers don't have time to learn a UI that looks like a design tool.

Takes too long to launch

You waste time tweaking your design instead of testing & optimizing.

We've Done The Hard Work For You

Everything You Need To Build High-Converting Landers

Headless Performance

Get the fastest possible page performance with optimized images and static page generation.

Ready-Made eComm Tools

Test new offers with product buy boxes, tiered discounts, and custom bundle building.

Looks Great, No Matter What

We've done the design for you - no more worrying about your layout looking broken at different screen sizes.

Templates Tested By DTC Experts

Easily spin up listicles, advertorials, and hero product landing pages with a battle-tested layout.

Perfectly Matches Your Brand

Add your colors & fonts to our detailed style editor, and every section will automatically inherit your branding

Built For Conversion

Our library of purpose-built sections lets you launch quicker without getting blocked by design decisions

Finally, great landing pages can be easy

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